Dr. Waqas Iftikhar

We also acts as a platform where musicians can grow, promoting WORLD music and culture as well as respect for values and traditions. WE believe in giving WORLD’s youth an opportunity to enjoy and express themselves, thus entrenching the ideals of a promising life and the values of a meaningful existence firmly into their minds. OUR programming philosophy exemplifies music, epitomizes self-expression and crafts itself as the dynamic voice of the young, proud, patriotic Sargam FM 100. For that reason, WE can best be described as Desi funk, in its eastern, western, progressive and pleasurable entirety. WE keep the listeners simultaneously local and global. They have a lot to think about and to speak about. Radio professionals fear that the young are moving away from traditional radio to new media. It is important for “old” radio and “new” radio to be on popular platforms and devices. The Sargam FM 100 can also be listened using other compatible devices and software.

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Mon to Tuse 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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Lahore, Pakistan. 54000

Massage to People

I hope you will have a fine reputation.All my friends, I can suggest that if you want something you can work on its own & Recognize that you made yesterday. If you are interested in radio show, you have talent, if talent with words your style, platform scales Every time is available.
Thank You. :)

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