Dr. Attizaz Choudhary

Our regular programs includes Religious Programs, Health, Beauty, Fashion, National & International days coverage, Special Events Coverage, National Unity, Talk shows, Youth shows, Kids Time, Sports roundup, IT related programs along with latest hits of Pakistani, Indian, English, Arabic etc. Top of the Charts Music for our listeners. The Sargam FM 100 is a broadcasting medium providing entertainment. The Sargam FM 100 is the leading provider of media and entertainment online for Sargam FM 100, Friends of Sargam FM 100 and consumers of Sargam FM 100 culture nationally in Pakistan and globally.

They have to lose something to gain something. I worked hard to get here today. The journey began in 2008 in his First FM 95 Training and show I saw there many people who have the talent, skills, why not get the chance to know these words are highly vulnerable to the choosy FM, Why are not these people thought the world. I work full Sargam Networking later founded and Sargam FM 100. My hard work started and brought many friends with me today are working, you know that you are in the world today.

Personal Information


MSc (Microbiology) & FSc, BSc (Homoeo)
Homoeopathic Doctor, D.H.M.S (Pak), R.H.M.P (Pak)


Owner, Radio Producer
Managing Director (Sargam FM Networking)

Date Of Birth

10-March , Star: Pisces

Show Time

Mon to Sat Night Show 11:00 pm to 12:00 am (Sad Show)

Other Skill

Computer Master, Web Developer & All Management.

City, Country

Lahore, Pakistan. 54000

Massage to People

I hope you will have a fine reputation.All my friends, I can suggest that if you want something you can work on its own & Recognize that you made yesterday. If you are interested in radio show, you have talent, if talent with words your style, platform scales Every time is available.
Thank You. :)

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